Spire Leeds Hospital receives top MacMillan Award for cancer care

One of the UK’s top awards has been received by Spire Leeds Hospital for excellence in cancer care, scoring the maximum for every section assessed for The MacMillan Quality Environment Mark (MQEM).

This is the first time a private hospital has received the maximum score across the board. It is the result of rigorous assessment of its oncology provision, including the creation of welcoming and friendly spaces for patients receiving cancer treatment. The assessors also spoke to patients outside the hospital who are receiving treatment.

The hospital first achieved the award in 2015, and has continued to do so every three years since then.

Ria Sagar, Head of Cancer Services: “We are proud that our Centre has been recognised by MacMillan Cancer Support for the standard of our cancer care environment, which offers individually tailored care. We are committed to continuously improving the physical environment for our patients and offering the very best care, treatment and information in a supporting environment, from the moment they are diagnosed for as long as they need us. This award highlights our commitment to delivering an exceptional standard of cancer care to our patients. The oncology team all share the same passion to make things better for our patients and ensure the outstanding care that we offer every day. Congratulations to all of our team on their achievement.”

The Macmillan report said it recognises that ‘Spire Leeds Hospital is a place that is welcoming and accessible to all, where patients’ privacy and dignity are respected, and their comfort and well-being are supported in a comfortable, caring environment.’

Spire patient Fiona Fulford is currently undergoing treatment at Spire’s Oncology Centre for stage 4 terminal breast cancer, which was first diagnosed on Christmas Eve 2014 and became metastatic in 2017. Fiona, 50, who lives in Harrogate, is undergoing combination therapy – chemotherapy and biological therapy. Commenting on the care she has received at Spire, she said, “I’m extremely grateful that my cancer treatment has been able to continue throughout the pandemic during what’s been an extremely challenging time for everyone. The oncology team includes remarkably individuals who, under expert leadership, deliver without fail, to the highest standards of care possible. I have never met such a highly motivated, engaged, knowledgeable and professional team, despite the many challenges presented this year.  They each show an amazing degree of empathy which, when combined with their wealth of medical knowledge, delivers outstanding results.”

Another patient, who participated in the MQEM assessment said, “I came to the unit following the worst news in my life, thinking I would never overcome this nightmare. I leave with a smile, strength and grateful to have met such wonderful people who I will never forget.”  

Spire’s chemotherapy services also follow local NHS cancer related guidelines and are registered with and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) with regular inspections carried out to ensure the highest standards of care. 

Helen Morgan

Helen's interests are wide-ranging, from food to music to art and comedy.   She is especially keen on writing about local charitable activity and events as well as the opportunities the City Region has to offer to those with hidden talents.

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