Yeadon Town Hall Clock

For almost two years, Yeadon Town Hall has been subject to extensive renovation, and with the closure owing to COVID-19, further progress has been made.

This includes the new Town Hall Tavern, the Main Auditorium and the first floor, revamped backstage areas and newly decorated Wharfedale and Airedale rooms.

On 20 January, three new clock faces will be delivered by crane as part of the Clock Tower restoration, to replace those which were worn out. The mechanism has survived well, although it now has electric winders.

A worn out clock face

The arrival of the crane should provide some added interest to the folk of Yeadon, particularly the historians or anyone who is interested in architecture. It seems right to ask the community to choose a name for the clock.

Everyone is invited to suggest a name. Suggestions so far are:

William Hill (Yeadon Town Hall’s original architect), Richard Hogg (builder of the Town Hall) and local thespian and panto legend Arthur Lawson, who was much loved by the local community. John Middleton Peate has also been nominated, as the clock and bell was erected in his memory by his parents Joseph and Ann Peate following his death in 1879 aged just 12.

The bell

Jamie Hudson, CEO at Yeadon Town Hall: “We understand there’s not
a lot to look forward to at the moment, but we’re certainly excited to see
Yeadon Town Hall’s clock ticking once again this month. Who knows what
its name will be – let’s hope the community won’t choose Clocky

If you want to suggest a name for the clock, visit here.

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