An Elite Step Towards Peak Strength and Fitness

When Reiss Silva set up his company, Elite Step, the sporting community as well as the general public were very much a part of his planning.  Reiss is a strength and conditioning coach who works with athletes to help them attain peak performance for competition, whether for a single boxing match or a whole season of football.  He also works with members of the general public who simply want to improve their movement, fitness and strength.

As a boxer himself, Reiss has used the sport’s techniques and influences to incorporate into his programmes.

Currently, a new bootcamp in Headingley and Hyde Park is being set up for anyone looking to be fitter and stronger; to be motivated and feel better.  If this is something you’ve been thinking about, turn that thinking into doing and contact Reiss.  His details are below.  There will be three sessions per week, each with a maximum of 15 people, over 6 weeks.  Maybe today is your day to commit!


instagram: elite.step


Elite STEP

Elite STEP, Leeds. 57 likes · 60 talking about this. Elite STEP is a strength and conditioning brand that works with the general public, to help them move better, become fitter and stronger, and with…

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