Bradford Filmmaker’s Award-Winning Short Film

“By Any Other Name” is an exceptional short film, a creation of filmmaker, Daniel Deville. The film’s resounding success on the independent film circuit speaks volumes about Daniel’s undeniable talent and the profound impact of his work.

The film has garnered an impressive collection of 21 awards, including the prestigious Grand Prix for Best Screenplay at the OSCAR-qualifying Flickers Road Island and Best Director & Short Film at the esteemed London Director Awards.

Daniel Deville

Rooted in a poignant encounter at the Burning Man Festival in 2016, where Deville discovered a woman’s haunting experiences in the dark realms of London’s sex trade, the film delicately navigates themes of resilience, self-love and triumph over adversity. The protagonist’s narrative, drawn from authentic stories in the UK, infuses the film with a compelling authenticity, delivering a powerful and visceral experience to the audience.

By Any Other Name

Daniel Deville emerges as a tenacious filmmaker who has triumphed over the limitations of his humble beginnings. He began his filmmaking journey at the tender age of 12 – owing to chronic insomnia. His love for the art form propelled him to study cinematic pioneers, ultimately enabling him to make a lasting impact on the global stage. Daniel embraces his identity as a BIPOC filmmaker with Borderline Personality and Bipolar disorders, supported by his loyal assistance dog, Brego, adding a poignant layer to his already inspiring narrative.

Prior works, exemplified by ‘Reverse Everything’ and ‘Snare,’ showcased Daniel’s distinctive directing style. With ‘By Any Other Name,’ he ventures even deeper into the intricacies of character dynamics, skillfully drawing the audience into the emotional core of the narrative. Despite its concise 24-minute runtime, the film packs a profound punch, weaving the tale of a working-class Northern mother on a desperate mission to rescue her vulnerable sister. The narrative unfolds with urgency, provoking contemplation on chance encounters, resilience, happiness and the blossoming of talent against all odds.

By Any Other Name

‘By Any Other Name’ serves as a testament to Daniel Deville’s burgeoning talent, propelling him ever closer to his dream of crafting feature films for the silver screen. As he consistently delivers stories that resonate with authenticity and depth, Deville’s trajectory in the film industry appears destined for even greater heights, marking him as a rising luminary in the cinematic realm.

By Any Other Name wins 25 independent film awards – written by West Yorkshires Daniel Deville


Main image: Daniel Deville at work.

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