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Born in Leeds and lighting up venues across the UK, Ruckus24 is a party for the people, by the people. Created by seasoned veterans of the UK, Berlin and Ibiza nightlife scenes, the event has been inspired by decades of partying and the anarchist ways of the acid-house era.

The brand delivers a modern, eye-catching, vibrant occasion complete with a playful atmosphere that has led to many sell out events. With a wink to the past and a nod to the future, each Ruckus24 event brings an unmatched degree of intensity and forward thinking music, while encouraging a safe space for all who love to rave. Here, Rob Chadwick chats to founder and promoter Josh Demello about their 2024 soirees.

Ruckus24 is celebrated for its vibrant and intense atmosphere. How do you curate this atmosphere at your events?

We focus on creating an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome to let loose and have a good time. From the music selection to the venue, we aim to bring a proper party vibe that gets people buzzed.

Can you describe the process of selecting DJs for a Ruckus24 lineup? What qualities do you look for in performers?

We’ve always got our ear to the ground. Of course we love to book big, the DJ’s as well, but it’s important to book the fresh talent coming through. There’s so much incredible talent at the moment. Most of the DJ’s we’ve booked over the years have become friends now too so it’s great to bring them back. We also look for DJs who can bring something unique to the table while also keeping the crowd engaged and entertained. It’s all about finding the right balance between skill, creativity and vibe.

How do you foster a sense of community among attendees, DJs, and organisers at Ruckus24 events?

We’re all about bringing people together, whether it’s on the dance floor or engaging with each other online. Ruckus24 is a big family, and we make sure everyone feels that sense of belonging. Our Instagram itself is a community It’s great that we’ve built a strong following and many of my friends now are from putting on these parties. The afterparties help, too.

Rave culture is a core element of Ruckus24. How do you ensure this culture is represented and respected in your events?

We stay true to the values of rave culture by promoting freedom of expression and a love for underground music. It’s all about creating a space where people can come together to celebrate music and creativity without judgment.

Ruckus24 parties are known for taking place in various venues, from major clubs to unique locations. What challenges and opportunities does this diversity present? 

Each venue brings its own set of challenges and opportunities, whether it’s logistics, sound quality or atmosphere. But it also allows us to create truly memorable experiences that wouldn’t be possible in a traditional club setting. Under The Arches has been the biggest project yet, located under the railway arches in the centre of Leeds. At first it looked completely run down but with some TLC we’ve made this into an incredible rave space. 

How do you see Ruckus24 evolving in the future while maintaining its core values and identity? 

We’re always looking for new ways to push boundaries and innovate while staying true to our roots. Whether it’s through new partnerships, collaborations or event concepts, we’re committed to keeping Ruckus24 fresh and exciting while never losing sight of what makes us unique.

Can you share any insights into the behind-the-scenes work that goes into organising a Ruckus24 event? 

Organising a Ruckus24 event is a labour of love that involves a lot of planning, coordination and hard work. From securing venues and booking talent to promoting the event and ensuring everything runs smoothly on the night, there are countless details to attend to.

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