Casanova Returns to Leeds

Northern Ballet
begins its Spring Tour, bringing history’s greatest lover back to Leeds Grand Theatre from 10 – 19 March.

Sensual ballet Casanova was last performed in Leeds in 2017. The story of the infamous 18th century Italian absorbs us in a seductive masquerade of passion and politics’. the production will transport audiences to 18th century Venice, telling the story of the infamous Italian adventurer in ‘a seductive masquerade of passion and politics. Some might say this is a fitting opening to the season!

Giuliano Contadini (Casanova) and Dreda Blow (Bellino)

Giacomo Casanova, a fierce intellectual, is motivated by his desires, most significantly his need for connection. His controversial career includes working as a scam artist, violinist, alchemist and church cleric, whilst his excesses – gambling and women – result in imprisonment and exile. This is a true story, and as such, it explores personal complex emotional themes, from love and longing to insecurity and depression, alongside a deep connection to the women in Casanova’s life.

Giuliona Contadino and Ailen Ramos Betancourt (MM)

Kenneth Tindall, ex-Northern Ballet Premier Dancer and current Artistic Director of Digital and Choreographer in Residence at the Company, co-created the scenario with actor, dramatist and historical biographer Ian Kelly, author of the 2008 Sunday Times Biography of the Year Casanova. The production is set to an original score by modern classical, film and television composer Kerry Muzzey, played live by Northern Ballet Sinfonia. There are new sections of both music and choreography which offer a greater insight into the man who was Casanova.

Giuliono Contadino and Hannah Bateman (Henriette)

Award-winning Christopher Oram has designed the sets and costumes, wigs and make-up are by Richard Mawbey, and lighting is by Alastair West.

Kenneth Tindall: “Casanova was my first full-length ballet for Northern Ballet and I’m delighted that it will be touring again in 2022. When we created Casanova, myself and the creative team were dedicated to telling the story behind the legend – showing that Casanova was so much more than what his name has come to mean. In this revival, we have expanded sections of the ballet with new music by Kerry Muzzey. One of the joys of reviving is the ability to revisit and refresh the work, repainting it for the new generation of dancers that will bring the characters to life on stage.”

Tickets for Casanova are on sale now. For more information and updates visit

Box Office 0113 243 0808

Photography by Emma Kauldhar.

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