Photo North Festival: 12 – 14 April at The Carriageworks Theatre

This spring, the photography industry spotlight will shine on the historically proud and culturally vibrant City of Leeds for the fifth Photo North Festival.

Exhibitions by legends of the profession will be on display alongside up and coming photographers against a backdrop of talks, networking, screenings, food, drink and more.

British documentary photographer Peter Mitchell known for documenting Leeds and the surrounding area for more than 40 years will be exhibiting specially made prints.

“To me this is a very freeing space. I feel calm, I feel like I am exactly where I am meant to be when I am here. It transports me. I could be feeling stressed or sad or angry, and I sit down and take it in and within half an hour I am feeling calm and well grounded.  Kemmi Gill   Goitstock Waterfall from the Series Hardy and Free (c) Carolyn Mendelsohn 

Taking inspiration from the Brontës, Hardy and Free by Carolyn Mendelsohn is a celebration of women in the
landscape that means the most to them, whether an open hillside, quiet expanse of water or an urban oasis.

Au Naturel Swimmers Secret location near Otley “I grew up constantly looking up at the hills, and wanting to get up there to see what the view was like from up there.. I have walked here in the rain, in the snow, when it is sunny when it is windy, at night, during the day, but each time I go up it feels different.” Swimming Au Naturel – from the Series Hardy and Free (c) Carolyn Mendelsohn

John Bolloten’s gritty series Tbilisi Raw goes deep inside the Georgian underground with a rare and intimate insight into the secretive and closed world of the Elita football hooligans of FC Dinamo Tbilisi.

Tblisi Raw by John Bolloten

The Channel 4 picture team will have a presence at the Festival for portfolio drop-ins and a Saturday take-over of
industry chat, presentation and inspiration, with confirmed guests Simon Webb & Tom Barnes.

from Sun, sea and sandbags: Peter Dench

Festival co-founder and curator, Peter Dench: “We recognise people are passionate about photography. Photo
North Festival aims to introduce or advance understanding of the medium through our programme of exhibitions to inspire and engage debate. We have one perfect venue, with headline events and renowned photographers
confirmed and the list is growing…..”

Military personnel paddle in the Black Sea. Sun, sea and sandbags: Peter Dench

Sharon Price, co-founder and curator: “We’ve chosen thought-provoking works that provide relevant social
commentary on some quite hard-hitting issues. We also have the beautiful and the poignant, that will appeal not only to enthusiasts seeking to be challenged, but also to those seeking a feast for the senses.”

Peter and Sharon aim to deliver a thought-provoking, lively and inclusive festival that will appeal to the professional photographer, photo-enthusiast, keen amateur and anyone who wishes to engage with the timeless appeal of the medium

“It’s an absolute thrill, a dream, to have so many of our photo heroes both old and new collaborating under one roof”
Pete & Sharon: Photo North Festival #5

Once again, Photo North Festival promises to be one of the most exciting and engaging European photo events.
12-14 April 2024 – The Carriageworks Theatre, Millennium Square, Leeds UK.

Main image by John Bolloten.

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