Sfven – At Hyde Park Book Club on 20 June

Leeds-based Sfven – aka Jamie Clarke – has released his second single, Hard To Say I Love You Sober. He’s just beginning on the road to making his name with a sound which combines electronic beats with vocal hooks, meaningful lyrics and sweet melodies, and as he says, he creates ‘sad stories in happy tunes’.  Listen […]

Preview: Grease – at Leeds Grand Theatre from 19 June until 20 July

This is the first new production of Grease in 25 years, and has sold out in Leicester prior to coming on to Leeds Grand Theatre’s stage. The Producer is Colin Ingram.  Choreographer is Arlene Phillips, who said  “I’m so thrilled to have the opportunity to choreograph a new production of Grease. This production is going […]

Arts Welcomes New Head Chef Simon Turner

Call Lane has been home to Arts for nearly 25 years, and in that time this independent restaurant has gained an enviable reputation on which the new owners aim to build. There’s an excellent chance that they will achieve this, because Simon Turner’s arrival marks his departure, after a four year tenure, from another of […]

Leeds Gigs Coming Up: July – September 2019

Festival Fever to one side, we thought we’d let you know which bands are coming to some of our favourite Leeds venues this summer: John Newman  The Brudenell  9 July A distinctive voice with 3 number 1 singles, John has changed direction.  After travelling the world, he is going back to his musical roots and […]

Laura Stevenson at The Brudenell on 23 June

The title of New York based songwriter Laura Stevenson’s fifth album, The Big Freeze, is drawn from the name of the theory which supposes that if gravity is strong enough, our universe will collapse, pulling all of existence back down to infinitesimal size – but if expansion outpaces gravity, the universe will eventually be empty and cold. […]