In Conversation With Sat Mann

Robyn Wilson met up with Sat at Lean Lunch, to discover there’s a lot more to this Leeds food outlet and its owner than you might think. What were your reasons for creating Lean Lunch and what’s the overall concept? We launched in July 2017, so three years ago now. The why behind it is […]

Chow Down 2020 – Too Good to Miss!

This is a ‘must go to’ if you live in or around Leeds this summer. This was my first time at the food festival and it should be a prioritised day out for family, friends – and even your dogs!  Chow Down is set up on the outskirts of town and in the coolest spot […]

Roxy Ballroom – Just have fun!

The perfect place to enjoy time with friends coming out of this draining pandemic – one of the Roxy venues in Leeds, in this case, Roxy Ball Room on Boar Lane. On Wednesday night I visited Roxy Ball Room with two of my friends for an hour of ping pong. When I arrived I quickly […]

Saturday Smak – A Cultural Experience

I can’t count how many times I have driven past Smak on Kirkstall Road and promised myself one day I will try it. At my maturing age of 31 I now love trying cuisines from different cultures of the world. However, when I visited Krakow in Poland 8 years ago I’m embarrassed to say but […]

Our Midweek Takeaway at Sully’s – Just What We Needed

It was officially the middle of the week and my daughter and I had a serious case of hump day.  I craved chicken and chips while she longed for glamorous cheesy chips.  Restaurants are back open, but we decided to wait a while longer until we enjoy them again. We chose a takeout at Sully’s […]