In Conversation With Abdulaziz Adekola

At a time when questions are being asked about the Black Lives Matter movement, Leeds Living was keen to find out more about BLM Leeds. We requested an interview with one of their organisers. Robyn Wilson chats with Abdulaziz Adekola. At the moment, some people are questioning the fundraising for BLM Leeds. Is BLM Leeds […]

Pizza Loco Delivers to Your Door

After what seemed like my 600th time washing up over this lockdown period, I had the opportunity to order a take out meal from an independent business in Leeds.  A take out.  What is that? Seems like another lifetime when I was accustomed to take aways.   A part of me feels guilty for not cooking […]

A Teenager in Lockdown

This is possibly the strangest time in our lives and boredom is something we are all running away from, right? Well, I’d just like to say how lucky I am to work from home and spend time with my daughter. I’m realising more and more how much I have missed her. Time has always felt […]

Manjit’s Kitchen – on Kirkstall Road

Friday night at Manjit’s Kitchen on Kirkstall Road, only a week before bad news struck. Robyn Wilson takes her guests to try out Manjit’s, which has been open only since October 2019.  Whilst the restaurant is closed, Manjit is offering a takeaway service. In an otherwise grey vista, Manjit’s kitchen’s welcoming, bright yellow sign stood […]

Cocktails in The City

Cocktails in The City took residency at Leeds Town Hall this weekend. I experienced my first cocktail festival late Friday afternoon. Luckily, I made some notes.  Feeling very small, I walked into the town hall greeted by the King of Organs standing powerful like a doorway into heaven. Colour-changing lighting illuminated the hall, giving it […]