Fellowship for British Hairdressing Celebrates Westrow Academy as Second Centre of Excellence

The Fellowship for British Hairdressing unveiled Westrow Academy as the second Centre of Excellence and the Northern Hub during a fantastic celebratory evening.

Held at the beautiful Westrow Academy in Central Leeds, the event began with a red carpet roll out and a prosecco reception spread out across their sprawling open-plan, three-floor building. Fellowship Board members, Salon owners, Fellowship Team Project Leaders and Members were all in attendance to join in celebrating this impressive accolade, recognising the high standards of the Academy’s training and facilities and to nurture the next generation of students coming through their doors.

To begin the evening Fellowship for British Hairdressing President Robert Eaton, Vice President Ashleigh Hodges, Head of Education & Finishing Schools Simon Shaw and ,CEO Barry Stephens unveiled the plaque. This was awarded after an active relationship between Westrow Academy and the Fellowship to establish their facilities and training to be of the highest standard.

Throughout the night Project Colour Leader, Daniel Couch, displayed his skill during a live presentation showcasing his advanced colouring skills and creativity. Alongside him Project Extend Member, Marlene Lamont, showed the gathering crowds how to work with wigs and extensions on her model, exhibiting dramatic looks throughout the night.

After the audience had explored the beautiful building of Westrow Academy, Simon, Rob and Ashleigh took the time to explain a little more about the Fellowship, with special videos from alumni speaking about their outstanding experiences during their time on their project teams.

To bring the evening to a close, they spoke directly to salon owners present on the night to learn more about becoming a Centre of Excellence with the ambitious reveal that the Fellowship is aiming to grow the number of Centres from two to fifteen within a year.

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