Spennylympics: Crazy Challenge – Brilliant Cause

Stuart and Charlotte have set themselves a huge challenge for 2021 – to complete every single Olympic event in the 17 days that the Tokyo Games will be held in summer 2021. Why?

The duo wanted to devise a challenge that would both celebrate the life of Spenny, Stuart’s much loved brother and raise awareness and money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA). The disease took Spenny’s life in August 2011 whilst he was still in his 40s.

The challenge, fittingly called the ‘Spennylympics’, will see Stuart and Charlotte complete over 80 Olympics events, including running a marathon, cycling a 234km road race, swimming 10km, performing a synchronised swimming routine and skateboarding. Although sports fans, Stuart and Charlotte have not tried many of the events that they are planning to undertake this summer, so they are now busily training, as best they can in lockdown, to improve their fitness and competencies.

In addition to training, Stuart and Charlotte are expending a lot of energy to raise awareness of motor neurone disease and the MNDA. A big part of raising awareness is through the Spennylympics ambassador programme, which is a growing group of current and past Olympic athletes who have joined Stuart and Charlotte – offering support, training tips and promotion of the campaign – via social media.

You can find out more about who is involved via the Spennylympics website HERE

The challenge that Stuart and Charlotte have set themselves is a tough one, but as they are already training hard and are doing a great job in starting to raise awareness and funds for the MNDA, the challenge will certainly be worth it! Spencer and his family and friends have raised £85,000 so far.

If you can offer any support to Stuart and Charlotte in terms of donations, sponsorship, training advice, or helping to spread the word, you can follow them on social media (@spennylympics or you can contact them via email: [email protected]

Photograph shows Charlotte and Stuart.

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