Italian Taste – Authenticated!

As fun as it is to get dressed up, round up your favourite people and head out to the newest gastronomic debut, sometimes restaurant quality food delivered direct to your pyjama clad self, to be eaten from the comfort of the couch, is all that will do. Enter Italian Taste. Billing themselves as an authentic […]

Closed World, Open Kitchen

Mags Richards reviews Cath Kane and Thomas Chalk’s first cookbook. I’m very pleased indeed to have the opportunity to review a publication by two of Leeds Living’s writers, especially as I already know how passionate they are about their food. From the opening words to closing the back cover, that passion is confirmed in the […]

A Little Space: The Film, Reviewed

Maria Forryan labels this a must watch – ‘The quality of this work is beautiful to watch and the sheer passion and focus of the cast is staggering.’ Gecko have been a prolific Theatre Company throughout lockdown, providing regular free productions online. For a Drama teacher like me, it’s been an invaluable resource, enabling students […]

Pizza Punks DoughIY Kit

Pizza Punks is shortly launching in Leeds. Although their restaurant isn’t yet open, they are offering dine at home experiences. So, to get a taste of the food, this week I tried out Pizza Punks’ ‘Punk It Up DoughIY Kit’. The kit allows diners to make Pizza Punks’ sourdough pizza at home, with a delivery […]

Oula – Boutique Food Catering

The impact of the pandemic on the hospitality industry has been profound. Oula is one of many in Leeds whose response has delivered results. In order to continue providing incredible food to all their clients, this boutique catering company has diversified, offering Friday Night Feasts delivered straight to your door. This meal for two was […]