Pizza Punks DoughIY Kit

Pizza Punks is shortly launching in Leeds. Although their restaurant isn’t yet open, they are offering dine at home experiences. So, to get a taste of the food, this week I tried out Pizza Punks’ ‘Punk It Up DoughIY Kit’.

The kit allows diners to make Pizza Punks’ sourdough pizza at home, with a delivery of all the ingredients necessary and an easy to follow recipe. It is available for 2 or 4 people and is delivered to the door, comes with sourdough pizza dough, tomato basic and garlic sauce, mozzarella and up to 4 toppings. There are 25 different toppings to choose from, with some meat and some vegetarian options.

Now for the toppings

After deliberating about what to choose, I opted for chilli chocolate pulled beef, lamb shawarma, balsamic chilli beetroot and onion bhaji. A bit of a rogue combination but I wanted to give a range of toppings a try.


The kit was delivered to my door on Friday morning and I placed it in my ‘fridge. As a result, it was ready for me to use when I returned from training later that afternoon. After a shower, I switched on my oven, getting it as hot as I could – as the recipe instructed me to do. I then took all the ingredients out of the box and floured my work surface. Next, I shaped my dough, pressing the bases into pizza shapes, and then put them onto baking trays. It was time to load my ingredients. I decided to go for onion bhaji and beetroot on one, and the lamb and beef on the other. It took all of 10 minutes to prep. Then I whacked the pizzas in the oven, one at a time, for approximately 15 minutes. Whilst they were baking, I made up a salad using spinach and rocket from my garden, which was pretty cool.

Topped 2

The pizzas were really tasty. The dough was flavoursome and, to my surprise, the base turned crispy. The toppings were fab. The meat melted in the mouth and I enjoyed the combination of flavours that the toppings afforded. I’m not sure I could taste the chocolate in the beef but it was still delicious and went weirdly well with the lamb. I loved the bhaji and beetroot combination, but I felt like the beetroot could have had more flavour, although my choice of toppings could have influenced that! I could easily have added some of my own extra vegetable toppings to the pizzas, which is an advantage of the home baking kit.


I’d certainly recommend that others try out the Pizza Punk’s ‘Punk it Up DoughIY Kit’ as the it allows diners to use their creative skills to turn the Pizza Punks’ base into pizza perfection – adding a range of toppings and baking the pizza to their taste. The kits are affordable, starting at £16 for two pizzas.

I am still looking forward to visiting Pizza Punks when it opens though. It will be interesting to see how their pizzas compare with mine!

Photographs by Gemma Bridge.

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