Horsforth Hall Park Cricket Club

With the generous backing of local sponsors, Horsforth Hall Park Cricket Club provides support for junior players as well as raising awareness of local charity Candlelighters.

The Club’s recent endeavors combine to make a meaningful difference in the community. Cricket is clearly more than just a sport to the Club – it’s a platform for fostering camaraderie, skill development and community spirit.

Thanks to local sponsors David Roberts Group & Partners and Hawkswell Kilvington junior teams have top-of-the-line Canterbury kit for the 2024 season.

Club Committee member Stuart Cameron Stalker, on behalf of the partnership, told us more:

“What sets this partnership apart is the heartfelt gesture from our sponsors, who graciously allowed the front of the jersey—the traditional space for corporate logos—to be dedicated entirely to a cause greater than ourselves.
In a remarkable display of solidarity, our sponsors agreed to push their own logos to the sleeves and rear of the shirt, making way for a prominent message of support to the local charity Candlelighters. This decision symbolizes our collective commitment to raising awareness and support for the invaluable work Candlelighters does in our local area in providing assistance to families of children with cancer.

As we start the new season our junior players will proudly don their new jerseys for the first time. This event serves as a poignant reminder of the profound impact sports can have in uniting communities and driving positive change.
Our partnership with Candlelighters not only benefits the charity but also serves as a beacon of compassion within our local community. We believe that by amplifying this heartwarming story, we can inspire others to join us in supporting worthy causes and making a difference where it truly matters.

You can find out more about the Club here.

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