You may have noticed that for the last eight months, the emphasis on our content has been about the work of local charities and those people and businesses who have supported all their efforts and come up with some initiatives themselves. It’s our privilege to let readers know what they can do to help.

Now, it’s a particularly good time of year to thank people. Thank you to all our contributors, especially our wonderful volunteer writers and photographers who constantly surprise us. Their ‘day’ jobs are variously with the NHS, schools, colleges and universities, the Council – and some have their own businesses. Others are students in Leeds. We even have a writer in Italy and one in Australia, still determined to keep in touch with what’s going on in the City.   

Thank you also to everyone who reads what we publish, including those who have expressed their disapproval in the form of constructive criticism.

We’re taking a break from this evening until 4 January. We hope that you find a way to share Christmas with those you love, and that next year brings every one of us harmony and peace.

Feature photograph by Brigitta Schneiter.

Photograph by Eric Perez

Paul Simon

As Editor-in-Chief, Paul oversees the implementation and delivery of our content strategy. He's also been known to write the odd article when the need arises.

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