Branded Face Covers Supports Leeds Mind

As we look to 15 June and the compulsory wearing of face covers on public transport, a new business has pledged a share in its profits to Leeds Mind, a local mental health charity.

Jason Holman, celebrity tour manager and contributor to charities, head of sales for Branded Face Covers, founded by entrepreneur Bav Majithia. Bav’s move came after conversations with local businesses who were expressing concern for staff returning to work. The face coverings are being seen as a PPE solution which avoids encroaching on the medical industry’s supply chain and protects key workers whose supplies might otherwise be disrupted.

Bav is aware of the increasing need for support for those suffering from mental ill health, so Leeds Mind became an obvious choice. The charity will benefit from 10% of the net profit of Branded Face Covers.

Companies and brands who want bespoke face covers should visit, while a smaller quantity in a range of colours can be purchased from 

Jason said: “The business was started in response to a real need in this next phase of the fight against coronavirus, based on the government recommendations around wearing protective face masks while out-and-about in public, and now compulsory on public transport from the 15th June.  

It not only responds to the problem of ensuring people get the face covers they need without leaving our key workers short of adequate protection, but also makes further social impact by donating a share of the profits to something good. I’ve had first-hand experience of losing a number of friends to suicide, including some high-profile individuals who were in the public eye, so mental health is something that is very close to my heart.”   

Gemma Green, Community Fundraising Officer for Leeds Mind, commented: “We’re so grateful that Jason and the team at Branded Face Covers want to donate a portion of their profits from these covers to our work supporting mental health in the Leeds Community. Jason is a long-time supporter of ours having raised thousands of pounds over the years through his work as a celebrity tour manager, with a clear drive to get mental health higher up on the public’s agenda.

It’s great to think that as people wear the face coverings featuring the little Leeds Mind logo, it will also keep mental health front-of-mind for people as we go into this next phase of these social distancing measures. I hope the covers do as much to raise money for our cause as they do to calm people’s anxieties as we emerge from lockdown and return to the workplace.”

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