Woodwork at The Woods – a new way to work

Many of us now have a new pattern of working, using our home spaces for at least part of the week. Before COVID, The Woods set up Woodwork in response to a more flexible working week.

Woodwork offers multiple charging points, dedicated fibre optic broadband, and a relaxed yet professional environment, to provide a real opportunity to tailor the way we work. You might be a creative who needs to download video and images at high speed, or a legal eagle with an urgent need to upload an international contract. Your role might be educator or innovator. Whatever your chosen career, Woodwork can provide the solution to your office space.

The Woods provides a calm and comfortable working environment on four separate floors, the first a quiet and light space at the heart of the building. This is for adults only, from 11.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. Monday to Friday. The rest of the building is available, each floor with its own character – waiting to inspire you or act as your setting for video calls.

There’s a covered front garden, an indoor ground floor wood fire and a sunny roof garden, providing places which lend themselves to solo working or working in groups; quiet concentration and privacy or networking. There’s an events space and a balcony for larger meetings and conferences on the second floor. Add to this a table service, special Woodwork lunches and a chance to relax after work with pizza and a beer, and you have the perfect combination in one place.

The Woods : 5, Stainbeck Corner, Leeds. LS7 3PG. Tel : 0113 307 0111

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