Bundobust Bundobutties: 100% Vegetarian; 110% Delightful

This isn’t the first time I’ve eaten at Bundobust and certainly won’t be the last. It’s not just the fresh and creative spicy combinations with vegan dishes and plenty.  I love the atmosphere where staff are not overly friendly and there’s something about the place that makes you want to chat.

The menu is 100% Vegetarian and, being a vegan, one doesn’t  have the anxieties about what your food was cooked in or next to in the kitchen. 

Like most ex students of my age, eating Indian food in those days was a late night Saturday evening necessity and, for obvious reasons, not something easily recalled. Bundobust is a million miles from those days, though still I’m not quite accustomed to lunchtime eating delightful spicy food. Today’s culinary delights were a little bit different.

What we ate

We tried the new Bundobutties lunchtime menu.  I had the Chaap Kathi Roll, a soya meat substitute and delicious spicy goodness wrapped in a handkerchief of roomali roti. As this came as a meal deal and I’d finished work for the week. it seemed rude not to have a pint of Python and deep fried steamed lentil dumplings. I’m a sucker for their deep fried okra and couldn’t possibly come here without ordering. You’ll know what I mean once you’ve tried them. Food was fabulous as always. Ema had the Bombay sandwich and desi crisps, equally delicious.

Eating out at lunchtime

COVID has rocked our behaviours somewhat. We’re all slightly more introverted than we thought and working from home is commonplace. At the office, it’s likely we’ll purchase a sad meal deal that we eat alone, wrapped in excessive amounts of plastic. 

Taking time out from work and using our lunchtime as they should be, away from the office, has obvious benefits to our mental health. Whether alone or with colleagues, we need to take a walk from it all, eat well and be ourselves for a bit. 

Bundobust makes this easy, serving food in a timely fashion.  If you’re not drinking alcohol, the Bundobust meal deal of sandwich, soft drink and a side costs £9.99 and the food was delivered in less than 10 minutes. 


The meal deal and Bundobutties approach isn’t just good business for Bundobust but a great attitude to being at work. This very affordable and smart idea ensured Bundobust was busy. 

Like most people, I’m finding the unpredictability of work tough. I don’t think wolfing down my cheap plastic meal deal in 5 minutes helps matters.  Getting out, chatting to colleagues and enjoying great food certainly does. Our mental health is important. It’s time to get back out there, support local businesses and enjoy that precious lunchtime window we fought so hard for.  

I can’t recommend this place enough. If, like me, you want to wrap up the week early on a Friday or take a bit of time out from the workplace, then visit Bundobust and treat yourself to a most reasonably priced, delicious bit of nosh.

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