Fibre’s Special Offer – Tried and Tested

Fibre, located on Briggate, just under the landmark rainbow bridge, is one of Leeds’ longest running independent venues.

In its almost 25-year history, Fibre has seen several upgrades and refurbishments, and now boasts 3 floors with lounge areas inside and out. By day (and early evening), Fibre offers a relaxing space to meet with friends, and by night, the popular venue transforms into a dancefloor and bar with a long list of drinks on offer, including a range of unique cocktails, soft drinks and all the usual suspects.

On Friday night, just after finishing work, my partner and I headed over to Fibre, to check out their cocktail and pizza offer – buy a drink and enjoy a free pizza. As I don’t drink (and am often home by 9 pm) I wasn’t sure what to expect but on walking in to the bar area, and seeing so many people enjoying themselves, I instantly relaxed.

We headed over to the bar, which was already being propped up by several people, and chatted to the bartender, asking him for his cocktail recommendations. I explained that neither of us drinks alcohol, but that we were keen to try some of their cocktails. He said he could make any of the cocktails on the menu non-alcoholic, and so to start, we opted for a strawberry daiquiri each. To go with our cocktails, we ordered pepperoni and pesto pizzas.

We found a table in the courtyard area and sat listening to the music being played through the outside speakers, chatting about our days, and sipping on our cocktails – which arrived at our table shortly after we did. The cocktails were fruity, slightly sweet and super refreshing, ideal for a sunny Friday evening.

After a few sips of our cocktails, our pizzas arrived, and when they did, they were both steaming hot and almost dripping with cheesy goodness. We were both surprised at how tasty they were, and how well they went with our fruity cocktails. I loved the thin and crisp base and crust, enjoyed the tomatoey richness of the sauce, and loved the generous toppings. They had obviously been cooked to order, and I could tell that they had been cooked ‘properly’ in a pizza oven.

To finish off our evening at Fibre, we decided to try another of the cocktails on the menu. This time, we went for ‘Peachy Keen’, another fruity cocktail, usually made with gin, Bacardi White and Archers, with lemon juice over pink lemonade. In our case, it heavily leaned on the pink lemonade and was delicious. It wasn’t quite as sweet as the strawberry daiquiri, but was just as refreshing.

Fibre offers a buy one drink, get a pizza free deal Sunday to Friday before 8pm.

Having tried both the cocktails and pizzas on offer, and loving both, I would 100% recommend taking up this offer – especially when you can enjoy both sitting outside, listening to music and chatting with friends.

Photography by Gemma Bridge.

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