HACIEN Tequila is coming to a Leeds bar near you

Yorkshire has given the world some famous gifts through the years, such as Yorkshire pud, M & S, the first ever football club and the Brontes. However, Yorkshire is not a name one associates with tequila – until now.

Local start-up HACIEN Tequila is poised to debut its trio of premium crafted tequilas at Dakota in Leeds this month, and their Pineapple Blanco is set to be the drink of summer 22.

Setting sights

HACIEN aims to disrupt the drinks market and change the public’s perception of this otherwise Mexican spirit. THe hope is that the UK discerning drinker will take to tequila in the same way as their American counterparts. HACIEN Tequila – the new gin – or vodka?

This UK version uses 100% blue agave and is smoother, sweeter and versatile enough to be sipped, savoured or used to create a cocktail. What about tequila and tonic?

Fresh and herbaceous

Tempting cocktail recipes are provided on the HACIEN website using the first three tequilas in the HACIEN range. The trio will be served in The Alchemist and Chaophraya, and online from Master of Malt, where prices will range from £47.

The Founders

Founders Seb Francis and Jordan Myers have enlisted the help of Business Development Manager Ashley Mitchell. All three have over 30 years of combined experience across a range of industries – tech, mech and electrical engineering and hospitality. With the help of investors, including Halo Top Founder Doug Bouton, the dream has become a reality. 

Seb Francis:

”The last two years spent creating HACIEN have not been without their challenges. However, it’s also been incredibly rewarding and is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. We wanted to create a tequila range that not only looks as good as it tastes but one that was versatile enough to change perceptions of the spirit itself.”

‘I know so many people in the UK that had a negative first experience with tequila, often because it was a lousy brand that they drank too much of at uni, and have never been back. HACIEN is made with 100% blue agave, making it much smoother and more complex than the average bottle you’d pick up in the supermarket.’

We’re confident it’s a genuine game-changer and is capable of winning over many of those who don’t usually like tequila. Our Pineapple variant is especially easy to drink and unlike anything out there on the market.”

‘We’re so ready for our launch at Dakota next month and can’t wait to see the reaction to our trio of tequilas and some of the incredible cocktails we’ve got lined up.”

Photographs provided by Pink Gorilla.

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