Neon Cactus to Host a Hot Supper Club 18 July

Neon Cactus is turning up the heat in collaboration with The Chilli Shop, in the first of a series – The Hot Sauce Taco Supper Club.

On arrival, diners will enjoy a frosty margarita – and there’ll be plenty of water and milk available for the whole event, whilst five new tacos, each one paired with an increasingly hot sauce, are served to the brave!  To round off the meal – and the challenge – there’ll be an horchata ice lolly, a fitting end to a special event.

Supplying the hot sauces, carefully matched to each taco, is The Chilli Shop, based in Leeds’ Merrion shopping centre and specialising in spice.

Cocktail recipes and cures to reduce the burn will also be available.

Here are the sauces:

  1. ‘Howler Monkey Amarillo’ 
  2. ‘Marie Sharps Green Habanero’ 
  3. ‘Germanos Chilli Roasted Oil’ 
  4. ‘Blueberry Hell’
  5. ‘Hot Headz Killer Hot’ 

Harley Ali, Head Chef at Neon Cactus, explains his new tacos:  “This is my creative journey of hot sauce through the medium of tacos. The love affair with hot sauce exists in almost every culture in the world and tacos are the most important element in Mexican food culture. This supper club was a no-brainer, ultimately designed to showcase how well these flavours actually work together. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have creating it.” 

Frank Jay, Director of The Chilli Shop, said: “After founding one of the first chilli festivals in Europe in 2004 and turning it into a shop in 2011 in Brighton, I brought the shop to Leeds to be the first Chilli-Shop in the north. We are very proud to team up with Neon Cactus to create a unique Supper Club event with a hot twist. This will be a night where you will enjoy sumptuous food laced with some of the most unusual, rare, and hottest products in the world, including sauces featured on the cult 🔥Hot Ones show.  One of the coolest bars in Leeds teams up with the hottest shop in the north.”

Tickets for 18 July are on sale now and available here. 

Photographs by George Harrison.

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