New Year – New Venture

Leeds Dollhouse creators are set to launch a brand new dine, drink and dance concept in the City.

Leeds’ already diverse nightlife and leisure portfolio is set to be enhanced further this year, with the City’s first high-end dine, drink and dance experience. This new venue is in the Electric Press, just off the iconic Millennium Square, brought to you by multi-platinum selling musician and TV star, Tom Zanetti and his business partner, Kane Towning.  

Tom Zanetti

Tom Zanetti: “We were ahead of the game with Dollhouse and spotted a gap in the market for that VIP vibe that no other venue offered – a glamorous, VIP-style club. That’s where this brand-new venue bridges the gap. Leeds has one of the best nightlife scenes in the country. However. it is crying out for that cool, late night dining concept that people currently have to travel to London, Manchester and overseas for. It’s time to level Leeds up again and hold our own against the other major cities.” 

On the ground floor, there’s a stylish lounge with VIP tables on offer, as well as a heated indoor courtyard and outside terrace in Millennium Square. The restaurant is on the first floor, with luxury VIP booths that can booked for dining and late-night drinking – and there’s a private dining area for up to 30 people, ideal for special occasions. There’s also a stage for live performers with a state-of-the-art VOID sound system and a one-of-a-kind bespoke LED light system.

Kane Towning

Kane Towning: “There are some incredible venues around the country and I respect what they’re doing, but it does bug me that people have to travel to other cities for that late night dining vibe. It’s time Leeds had its own flagship dine, drink and dance venue. If you want to eat, drink and dance currently, you have to visit two or maybe three venues. We are giving you the entire night out all under one roof. 

You can enjoy globally inspired dishes, creative cocktails, live performers, and the hottest DJ’s, all under one roof. This is like nothing the City has ever seen. The interior design and layout is completely unique and fresh. The sound, lighting and entertainment are all a first for Leeds and I’m excited to see how people react when they experience it.”

Bespoke interiors

Over £300k has been invested in the project, the name of which is being kept under wraps until nearer the launch. Stylish, cool and edgy bespoke interior design has been commissioned for the space, spanning the whole venue and adding a luxury look and feel befitting of the concept.

Downstairs bar

Tom: “It’s one of a kind and we’re looking forward to introducing the people of Leeds and visitors to this amazing City to something fresh, cool and different. This will be a venue people will be travelling to from all around the UK. We’re taking the success of Dollhouse and going to a whole other level again with this new venue.”

Adam Kershaw

Adam combines his interest in Leeds with a flair for writing discovered back in school days. He says he'll tackle any topic as long as it's Leeds.

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