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I recently had the pleasure of enjoying dinner with Cath Kane, the lady behind the Messy Cook Travels. Over a delicious meal, we chatted about her blog, supper clubs and food inspirations. 

Cath, AKA The Messy Cook, has been blogging since 2015, developing an eclectic array of content including inspiring stories, food reviews and recipes. Cath has also developed her photography skills which come in handy when sharing Messy Cook recipes, reviewing restaurant food and promoting upcoming events.   

Food was an important part of Cath’s childhood, since it was during meal times that her large family were able to get together and share stories of the day’s events.  As a child, Cath learnt to appreciate food and has since always loved to share meals with friends and family.  Cath’s passion for food is still very much alive and kicking and was evident the moment we met.  We chatted for ages about our favourite food-related memories and compared thoughts on the vibrant Leeds restaurant scene.   

Talk soon turned to supper clubs, which Cath runs as The Messy Cook in and around Leeds.  The supper clubs see around 30 people come together to share a set menu carefully developed and prepared by Cath. The events are a true family affair, with siblings, best friend Mark and boyfriend/fellow food blogger Thomas helping out with sous cheffing and service. The dishes served are varied and vibrant, reflecting Cath’s extensive travels and the impressive array of recipes that she has picked up along the way. 

Whilst we enjoyed dinner, Cath recounted some of her adventures and explained how she is always on the lookout for new flavour combinations that she can add to upcoming menus.  She has hosted at 7 supper clubs since beginning her culinary journey, including a Pan Asian vegan evening, which included aubergine sweet and sour kebabs, tom kha soup and chai tea ice cream.  

The next supper club hosted by ‘The Messy Cook’ is in September.  This ‘Around the World’ event will include five courses, each inspired by a different country that Cath has visited.  The menu, which won’t be revealed until nearer the time, will take diners on a culinary tour of the globe, tantalizing their taste buds with some new and exciting flavour combinations.  Reflecting Cath’s travels, every dish that will be served will have a story to tell.  The September supper club will be hosted at Taste, a lovely eatery just a 5-minute walk from Leeds station. Tickets can be purchased from The Messy Cook Travels blog.  

For recipes, videos and more information about The Messy Cook and upcoming events, head to the Messy Cook Travels Facebook page.

All photographs provided by Cath Kane.


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