The Savvy Baker – Tried and Tested

Having run a piece on The Savvy Baker recently, we decided to give the goods a go and placed our order.

The brownies arrived promptly in protective boxing, with tissue inner wrapping, together with a label giving information for those with allergies and a card providing tips to make sure you get the best from the bakes.

Brownies are supposed to be dense in texture and the weight of the box confirmed that the contents matched that anticipation. However, because we’d already eaten when they arrived, they were put in the ‘fridge out of sight until the next day.

The choice for first tasting was a hard one to make because all nine of the treats were equally tempting. We started with a milky way version which we put in the microwave for just 8 seconds. Amazing! Just the right amount of gooeyness and a satisfying depth of flavour.

Another day on, and we opted for a slice of each remaining cake so we could say we’d tried them all. They were delicious.

We froze all of the brownies (Yes, we can exercise some self-control) and have since tested how they react to freezing – perfect! With the help of the microwave, they are just as fresh and yummy as when first tasted.

So – if you want a treat, one which you know will freeze without losing any of its quality, then I suggest you place your order with The Savvy Baker. Anticipate – then enjoy!

The Savvy Baker website is updated every Saturday at 10 a.m. We advise that you place your order (here) as close to that time as you can. Otherwise, you may have to wait another week for your treats.

Feature photograph provided by Pink Gorilla. Other images by Andrea Smith.

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