The World Cup Final, Kirkgate Market and The Owl

Watch the World Cup Final at Kirkgate Market on Saturday on their big screen in the event space.

To complete the package, visit The Owl on its first Saturday, the day after the opening of what is Kirkgate Market’s only pub.

The Owl will be serving a selection of beers and bar grill specials from 08.30 on Saturday, with two breakfast beers from Northern Monk – Cereal Milk and Psychopomp, along with two of the Owl’s grill sandwiches.  A beer and a special sandwich will cost £15.

The Owl will open from Friday, November 1st.

Liz Cottam and Mark Owens (HOME Restaurant) will serve food which reflects The Owl’s location at the top of the Market’s Fish & Game Row, and the taproom will showcase Northern Monk.  The brewery has developed Wisdom, a special brew for The Owl.

As a cashless pub, payments are by card only and bookings are made online.

Customers of the Market will know that it’s not usually open after dark as it’s a carefully protected space, but guests of The Owl will be allowed to enter Kirkgate’s dark and empty halls and be accompanied to the pub on Friday and Saturday nights.  This applies only to pre-booked guests who have reserved online, and this includes drinks only customers. Each customer is met at the Market’s doors and escorted to the pub.

Liz Cottam says:

“The Owl will be a haven of peace from the busy streets and the hustle of Kirkgate Market.

I’ve always been drawn to owning a pub in the Market, and I really want this place, and the Market, to thrive once again. I have already made some great friends with traders like Malcolm Michaels, Owt, Tarbett’s and many others, and I hope that more businesses will follow us into this great space.”

To book online, to enquire about membership, or to see the menu, see The Owl’s website:



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