Trinity Kitchen’s New Van

A bespoke food van is taking up permanent residence at Trinity Kitchen and will host a rotating line-up of chefs and give them the opportunity to brand the van as their own spot.

This move also opens the door to people who may have struggled with their food businesses over the past fourteen months and may even give them the chance to get back on their feet, without costly overheads or the need to buy their own vehicle.

Trinity tells us that the new van will be fitted out with a fully functioning kitchen area and can be personalised with branded lightboxes, signage and menus for each new vendor, making it unique for each offering.

It’s now eight years since Trinity Kitchen was launched, since when hundreds of food trucks and vans from all over the country have been hoisted to the first floor on the special hydraulic lift.

Josie Towning, Food and Beverage Manager at Trinity Leeds: “Trinity Kitchen has transformed the idea of food courts, creating a completely unique concept and providing the perfect platform for independent street food traders. Now we’re going one step further and inviting up-and-coming cooks, chefs and foodies to showcase their talents without having to be an established brand with its own set up, as the new Trinity Kitchen van will provide all of that for you.

It’s also a chance for any restaurants or food businesses who might have struggled during lockdown or who have had to close their doors to get back on the scene without having to fork out for any expensive overheads.”

The first trader for the van will be announced shortly. Traders will change every 6 to 8 weeks, as is the case with all the temporary vendors.

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Adam Kershaw

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