HENGE UK Tour 2023 – at The Brudenell on 3 November

With a new single and video for ‘Self-Repair Protocol’, a highlight of their 2023 album ‘Alpha Test 4’, HENGE are back!

Through a vortex of glitchy 8-bit synthesisers and vocoded humanoid vocals, “Self-Repair Protocol” tells the tale of a malfunctioning robot that crash lands on an alien planet and embarks on a mission to repair itself.

Speaking about the single, HENGE frontman Zpor says: “Self-Repair Protocol is a charming little vignette written from the perspective of a malfunctioning robot, which could read as a metaphor for self-care…”

The single arrives with a charming animated video courtesy of Katy-Anne Bellis and Collen Chandler. First-time directors, the duo employ traditional stop-motion techniques to bring HENGE’s latest release to life. The video had already made the official selection for the Barcelona Indie Filmmakers Festival, Madrid Indie Film Festival and New York International Film Awards where it was a finalist. You can watch it here: https://youtu.be/T7sVFB0ZJ2w

“Self-Repair Protocol” is cut from intergalactic prog-raver’s third album ‘Alpha Test 4’, a fresh collection of their definitive “cosmic dross” compositions. Receiving praise across the board, NARC Magazine championed the record’s “stimulating extra-terrestrial sounds” (⅘), Buzz Magazine its “eco-centric free party dance-music… absolutely worth your time”, while  PROG hailed HENGE’s “blissed out, retro futuristic madness”.
Alpha Test 4‘ is available on Cosmic Dross Records now here:  https://ffm.to/henge-alphatestfour
HENGE UK Tour 2023 – with support from: Dogshow – all dates. Tickets on sale now – here:

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