Metronomy – New Single; New Tour

The band is at 02 Academy in Leeds on 23 April, with their new album ‘Small World’ out on 18 February via Because Music.

The second single from the album, ‘Things will be fine’, reflects on the old adage used when in difficult situations and our attempts to inject hope and sunny optimism to reassure ourselves and those closest to us. We have no idea if things really will be fine, but we say so anyway.

Joe Mount, songwriter, arranger and producer, describes the video which accompanies the single as “sort of pseudo role-play therapy session in which we all re-visit our teenage selves. Everyone ended up more scarred than they did before making it…apart from Michael and his f*#king guinea pigs”.

It’s worth remembering that the album was made in 2020, when more people found appreciation of nature and our roots, reassessed their values and asked broader existential questions, all of which may well be part of the human experiences, but were perhaps brought to the fore in the last couple of years.

Metronomy will be touring the UK in April and May 2022, taking in 12 dates, including a stop along the English Riviera to play in Torquay, and rounding out at London’s Alexandra Palace. This follows a 30 date tour across Europe in March and April 2022.

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