Review: Calva Louise at Oporto

Calva Louise is an up and coming band, obviously with a very bright future. Their presence on stage, combined with a loyal following of die-hard fans, makes their gigs something very special.

Coming from all over the globe, the group’s members have luckily found each other and created a legacy, having already supported huge bands such as Razorlight.

As soon as I entered the vault-like room at the back of Oporto, which was no bigger than the bar area, I could feel a buzz in the air. Calva Louise recently sold out of their T-shirts, and it was clear to see why as the babble of fans that surrounded me were all wearing them.

Calva Louise really continuing the legacy of punk music in an ever-changing modern era. They lit up the small space and made it feel like a stadium capacity crowd, diving straight into the music as soon as they entered the stage. Hits such as Tug of War and I Heard a Cry were performed, alongside the rest of the songs from their debut album Rhinoceros.

Even if your taste isn’t punk, the band’s music brings a vibe that you can’t help but like, and I would recommend them to fans of all genres. The loud, head-banging music is exactly what you need after a long day of work and this band really knows how to make a crowd enjoy themselves.

They finished the gig with their first ever single and thanked their loyal fans for making the trip to see them. A quick chat with the crowd gave me an insight into how keen some of these fans are, and at the same time, many new fans were born on this night, which will go down as one of their best gigs yet.

I spoke to someone who was attending his first ever punk gig and he was ecstatic at what he had seen. Calva Louise had given a masterclass on how to play a gig and the new fans they’d created were queuing up to get their merch signed.

I can’t stress enough the close relationship this group has with their fans. Calva Louise badges were handed out at the entrance, and when the gig was over, all the members of the band jumped off stage to sell their merch and chat to the fans. Following the performance, they even went for a few drinks with some of the fans and told stories about how they formed and what their plans for the future are.

Punk is a spectrum and these guys somehow hit every part of it. This is a band that carries their own vibe with them no matter what city they are in, and this was a night that will cement their place in the punk genre.


Photography by Mark Wheelwright –

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