Sfven – At Hyde Park Book Club on 20 June

Leeds-based Sfven – aka Jamie Clarke – has released his second single, Hard To Say I Love You Sober.

He’s just beginning on the road to making his name with a sound which combines electronic beats with vocal hooks, meaningful lyrics and sweet melodies, and as he says, he creates ‘sad stories in happy tunes’.  Listen to the single here. It’s a pop summer anthem in waiting.

Hard To Say and Paranoid, his first two singles, share a theme – the everyday highs and lows.   Sfven explains:

“Sober is about having a gut feeling that a relationship is coming to an end and at first not wanting to accept this and convincing yourself that it can be saved.   It’s about eventually coming to the realisation that the best thing to do is just accept that it’s going nowhere and realise that you’re actually happier without it even if it is difficult to let go.”

It’s only just beginning for yet another Leeds-based talent.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens next to Sfven.

Tickets for 20 June are available here.

Photograph provided by Bandwagon Press.

Adam Kershaw

Adam combines his interest in Leeds with a flair for writing discovered back in school days. He says he'll tackle any topic as long as it's Leeds.

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