Spielmann: New Single (and a Christmas Secret)

Leeds-based multi-instrumentalist songwriter, composer and producer Spielmann has released his new single, ‘A Better Man’.

Spielmann: “A Better Man AKA The Kind Of Guy You’d Tell Your Friends About is thematically borne out of sitting in a lot of rooms with a lot of tedious men, not saying I’m not one of them. Probs my favourite lyrics I’ve written so far, It’s a new set closer that always boots off nicely to end the live show, some good foot on monitor action.”

Inspired by the classic NYC indie scene, ‘A Better Man’ is Spielmann matching his sparkling synth sounds and cloud-busting choruses with a wry, observational humour akin to that of The Walkmen and LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy. 

The latest in a string of earworm singles, ‘A Better Man’ joins Spielmann’s growing collection of stadium-ready choruses that have caught the attention of growing crowds at festivals such as Green Man, The Great Escape, Bluedot and more as part of an unmissable one-man live show that is as undeniably life-affirming as it is hook-laden.

‘A Better Man’ tells the age-old story of the kind of men who know they’re not right, don’t always have to speak or don’t need to have an opinion but, despite all that, just can’t help themselves. Spielmann’s self-aware, in media res opener, “…Then it hit me that I’d been talking for hours,” serves as the beginning of a rousing reflection on how these men might start to work on themselves, or indeed not.

Once compared after a show to ‘Brandon Flowers in Phoenix Nights’, Spielmann’s Ben Lewis has already been around the block. After a decade moonlighting as DJ, promoter and someone else’s bandmate, Spielmann has stepped out as a front person and songwriter himself. With so much life experience under his belt, Spielmann’s sideways take on contemporary pop is studied, honed and purposeful; intimate and wholehearted yet with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

A Better Man’ is out now. Spielmann will be playing the following upcoming shows to celebrate:

Friday 3rd November – Mutations Festival, Brighton
Friday 17th November – Dareshack, Bristol (w/ Antony Szmierek)
Saturday 16th December – A Very Spielmann Christmas, Leeds (Secret Venue)






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