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Leeds’ premier rock venue was filled to its 300 capacity on Tuesday night to welcome Northern Ireland rock band The Answer after their 7 year hiatus.

The gig naturally attracted longtime rockers who had clearly been missing the band and were ready to celebrate their new studio album, Sundowners, in typical style, soaking up the intimacy of the surroundings and throwing everything into the occasion.

Every song was greeted with huge appreciation and shouts of ‘You rock!’ with lead singer Cormac Neeson validating the band’s relationship with fans: “You guys get more attractive each time I come!!” The warmth and animation from the entire band and their easy confidence were in themselves a celebration of coming back together and it just being right. Drummer James Heatley needed nothing more than to be in the moment and Paul Mahon and Micky Waters on guitar had solo standout moments exhibiting skill and passion that some fans wanted to last longer.

There was a tilt towards country behind that hard rock front, distinctive in the music and the lyrics in songs like Want You To Love Me. You can take the guys out of the country…………… Stand out single Blood Brother will resonate with fans for a long time; our very own car karaoke.

As Cormac has been heard to say, the band has returned all fired up, making sure they and their fans enjoy good time rock and roll, just as it’s meant to be.

The Answer released their new studio album, Sundowners, on St Patrick’s Day, and are following their UK tour with dates in Europe until 6 April.

Photography by Maddie Armstrong.


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