Waste of Paint Coming to Oporto on 5 August

Waste of Paint (named after a lyric from Conor Oberst’s Bright Eyes) is a neo indie pop band building a reputation for intelligent innovation.  Duo Adam Brodie and Dan Spooner co-write and produce together.

The pair explain:

“We are not our thoughts; we are the grand observers of our thoughts. Our songs are narratives based on what we are feeling at the time. Sometimes it’s near suicidal despair, other times it’s anger at what is happening to the world. But every song, every line means something…… more often than not it has multiple meanings depending on which way you interpret the lyrics….. but that’s what we like.” 

From the start, this Hull band has always been an arts project, using sound as their medium to paint.

Recently, the duo have included talented Grace Christiansen in their line up, resulting in three-part harmonies and the addition of piano.  Drummer Jamie Dean is one of the founder members, whose talent as a drummer mixes power with technical brilliance.   Completing the line-up is Paul Sargeson, bassist and multi-instrumentalist, adding soul and warmth as well as occasion 4th harmony with his superb voice.

Waste of Paint: Distinctive – one might say unique – and impossible to ignore such complexity, performed to incite a reaction.  So – go react on 5 August at 8 p.m.  Entry is free at Oporto in Call Lane.



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