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Leeds Living welcomes anyone in the Leeds area who wants to try their hand at writing, or perhaps has written but never been published. Our writers range in age from 11 to 70, from a wide range of backgrounds and, altogether, with many interests.  

As we recover from all the constraints of the past year, our writers will be attending live theatre, classical music events and gigs.  They’ll be reviewing food at our local restaurants and trying out fitness venues, as well as attending launches and openings.  Some will interview people who are making their name locally and others who already have.   We especially like to try to help charities and small businesses, for whom the cost of advertising would be prohibitive.

Writers Charles Eager and Kate Ryrie

We don’t earn any money (it’s a labour of love for all of us) so we don’t take paid copy of any description – and we are all volunteers, but our writers are paid expenses.  They are not expected to cover anything which doesn’t interest them; nor are they required to join us in person, although we try to get together occasionally to say hello properly.

Writer Fe (3rd from right)

So – if you or anyone you know would like to join us, please email [email protected] to tell us what you think you have to offer, and include a short sample of your style.  

Feature image: Left to right: Writers Gemma Bridge, Cath Kane and Thomas Chalk.

Mags Richards

Mags is the Content Editor at Leeds Living. She scours articles to make sure their use of English is accurate, and now and again enjoys writing on a variety of topics.

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