Overcoming Fear

Clinical hypnotherapist Abi Fenton offers helpful tips towards healing your mind for life.

Abi became housebound as she suffered a mental breakdown. Hypnotherapy helped her to change her mindset for life, and she is now sharing the techniques she learned and the tips she was given. She left her teaching job to become an holistic healer, and is currently witnessing an increase In the need for her help as a result of the anxieties caused by the pandemic. She has gone from “struggling to manage my own mental health to supporting others to heal”.

Abi: “The beauty of hypnotherapy is that it‟s accessible as you can heal with me online or in-person, and most of all, it‟s about long-term changes in mindset, not just dealing with the now or the past – it‟s the future!

Record numbers of people are fearing physical illness, uncertainty about the future, and the long-lasting impact of Covid-19. “That’s without throwing in fake news, 24/7 notifications, fearing the getting back to normal from 19th July and no one knowing for sure what‟s next. Whilst fear can be a positive protective mechanism like some stress, living a life of fear can ironically negatively impact our immune system, our physical and mental health, preventing us from activities we enjoy and worst still, feeling out of control in our lives. Whilst being triggered into a stress-state is normal, we do not have to remain in this fear zone forever.”

Abi wants to help everyone live a calmer life in the long term.

Abi: “Fear is the new buzzword! As a former stressed teacher turned clinical hypnotherapist, I wanted to share some simple strategies to manage fear and reduce feelings of Anxiety. It‟s something I suffered from prior to practically reframing my mindset for long-term change.”

Abi discovered complementary therapies when she was wrongly diagnosed with a range of ailments, which ended up being health anxiety.

“There is so much fear being put on us in this present climate, from vaccinations to covid itself, to social interactions as well as the fact all these things could have brought out a past or lingering fear. Anxiety has been heightened due to the current stressful situations people have been in the past 16-18 months. Hypnotherapy can help you reframe your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours to manage them in a more positive, calm, and controlled way. Allowing everyone to feel more confident, happier, and healthier.”

Abi is keen for people to know that hypnotherapy is just about putting people into a trance. It is about practical strategies to use to make sustainable and long-lasting change to our lives.

Abi is based in Methley, Leeds, helping people in the region in person, as well as via Zoom. One of her clients who visited Abi earlier this year was suffering from dread, breathlessness, a racing hear and episodes of extreme emotion. Both she and her family were becoming concerned about her mental health.

She said: “I attended hypnotherapy sessions with Abi and through Abi’s careful guidance and amazing support, there have been huge changes to my mindset. Abi always listens and lets you talk when you need to, she gives a variety of
strategies to support you during the days/weeks in between sessions. The hypnotherapy sessions themselves are brilliant! They leave you feeling calm and refreshed. They dig deep into where your mindset truly needs to change.
I honestly cannot thank Abi enough for her support over the last few months.”

Abi’s top tips on dealing with fear

  1. Take note of your personal worry story and recognise how the narrative
    affects you. And try to distance yourself from it. Maybe take time out every
    day to write down your worries and thoughts.
  2. Acknowledge your thoughts and challenge them, rather than deny
    them. They may be negative, but they are just what they are, thoughts, the
    fact that you think the thoughts doesn’t make them true. Don’t let your
    thoughts rule or define you.
  3. Learn to control your breathing. When we are anxious we tend to take
    shallow breaths, which itself puts your body into a state of alert and causes us
    to feel even more anxious. Try some breathing and relaxation techniques
  4. Bring your mind to the present. Don’t try to live in the future, or in the
  5. Face the fear. Be prepared to feel a little uncomfortable, but know that
    you can overcome this. Change happens when we push ourselves.

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