Pazza’s Popped up at MOD Pizza

On Thursday evening Leeds Living was invited to the grand opening of Pazza, who are now sharing their space at MOD pizza on Bond Street in Leeds City Centre. 

The concept is to make your own pasta dish as MOD does with their pizzas. Well, my partner and I love MOD so much, I knew this was going to be something we would enjoy doing. Walking in, hearing the mellow hip hop the DJ was playing had me smiling. I don’t know what it is about hip hop, but it makes the perfect ambience when I’m eating food, especially comforting food like pizza/pasta.

As soon as our names were ticked off the guest list (Ooooo, guest list) we were taken to a table with a huge selection of drinks and we could have whatever we wanted. My partner’s eyes were popping with animated love hearts.  I, the party pooper and not the biggest drinker, just opted for a glass of fizz. He, however, took way too long to pick a beer.

We checked out the magic mirror while we waited for our table but decided it’s best we not get a picture. I mean, he came straight from work in his filthy scruffs, and I looked fabulous but would have put my partner to shame of course. 

After a short wait we were seated and given our menu. They have put together a menu for everybody. You can make up your own dish, from adding what type of pasta you want –  rigatoni or scialatelli – to choosing from four different sauces, from a creamy alfredo to a spicy arrabiata, and Mod does loads of toppings, with meats, veggies, herbs and cheeses. They had seven set dishes which at 8pm at night I was grateful for. My brain was fried and I could not be bothered doing my own dish. I like having the two options though. I feel like making my own dish is a day or weekend choice for me.

It took a little longer than I’d have liked for the food to come out because…I am a starver! But, honestly, I’ve never seen a restaurant so busy. Understandably, the chiefs were up against it. The dishes looked really pretty and perfectly presented. We could tell how fresh the pasta was, which makes such a difference – perfect texture to bite. I really like identifying flavours when I eat and I think the sauce from my dish could have had a little more seasoning but definitely a work in progress. My partner’s dish was similar – the fresh pasta was delicious but the sauce could have had a few more sprinkles of umph. 


The creator of Pazza made his way around all the tables to speak to guests personally. I asked what made him want to do the pasta collab with MOD. ‘’ I love fresh pasta. Leeds doesn’t have anywhere that does fresh pasta** and the idea of being able to make your own fresh pasta dish quickly like MOD makes pizzas really appealed to me.”

This is the first spot for Pazza to open, so why Leeds? I asked ‘’ I am a Yorkshire man, originally from Leeds. I have lived in London for 5 years but I love Leeds and wanted it to be the first place for Pazza, Pasta, Pizza.’

I gave him my feedback for the dishes and he was sincerely grateful and reassured he will use the feedback to improve the dishes. He kindly gifted us four free pasta tokens to use in the future. 

I love the fact that fresh pasta is locally sourced every day for the dishes. I hope they continue to improve the flavours and the collaboration with MOD ends up across the UK. We really enjoyed the night. Thank you, Pazza Pizza Pasta. 

**Actually, Pazza – Leeds probably didn’t when you were planning to come here, but in the meantime, Sarto is also a fresh pasta go-to.

 Photographs by Robyn Wilson.

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