Review: Sex & Death & Other Stories by Ivor Tymchak

Sex & Death & Other Stories is a collection of short stories by Ivor Tymchak who is described in the preface as ‘an artist, a filmmaker….. …..the writer of a strip cartoon that appeared in Sounds music paper, a front man for a rock band, a graphic designer, a live caricature artist, a speaker, a presentation […]

Connection – At Harrogate Theatre Studio Until 5 October

I was invited by Leeds Living to review what turns out to be an amazing piece of work, performed at Harrogate Theatre on 2 October. I urge you to make the effort to see Connection during its limited run. It was written by Rachael Halliwell who appears alongside Cathy Breeze, Andrew Turner and Emma Leah […]

In Conversation With Cathy Breeze

I’ve just returned from interviewing one of the funniest, most charming and interesting people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Cathy Breeze is in Harrogate to co-star in the new play Connection by Rachel Halliwell, which is billed as a ‘Yorkshire Thelma and Louise’.  First, we spoke about her Leeds upbringing and varied career. […]

Chelping at Leeds Library

A few years ago I had occasion to call at a small unit on an industrial estate in Pudsey where there was a temporary sign on the door which read ‘Bell Not Working – Please Bray On Door’. I love colloquial terms.   They make English such a fascinating language. I mention this because it’s ages […]

The 4th Leeds Rum Festival on 21 September

Where did that year go? It only seems like a couple of months since last year’s Rum Festival. I must admit that I didn’t know what to expect last time, so this year I had the visit planned like a military operation. Being a rum themed event it was the naval branch of the military, […]