Red Ladder – The Parting Glass on 17 September

Quite a few years ago I went to the Lyric theatre in the West End to see the Eugene O’Neill classic play Long Day’s Journey Into Night, which dealt with a family’s destruction. The stars were Jessica Lange and Charles Dance and when it was over I marvelled at the ability of Ms Lange to […]

A Blue Plaque for Holbeck Working Men’s Club

On 12th September, 2019 I was privileged to attend the unveiling of a Leeds Civic Trust Blue Plaque at the Holbeck Working Men’s Club. You might be wondering what is so special about the place.  Well, even if you weren’t, I’ll tell you anyway. Holbeck WMC is the oldest continuously functioning working men’s club in […]

A Leeds Business – Celebrating a Birthday With Good Heart

If you don’t believe that Leeds is the best place on the face of the planet please allow me to try to convince you. You’ll need to read this article right to the end – sorry about that – but it is worth the effort. Gamezstation celebrated their sixth birthday at Northern Monk Brewery on […]

Let’s Do Lunch at Wagyu

The rhetorical question was recently posed to me by my editor, ‘Why don’t you try Wagyu for a Let’s Do Lunch feature?’ My immediate thought was to let him know that I had had a look at the menu and it was fifteen quid for a steak sandwich, salad and chips so I didn’t think […]

The Tetley Beer Garden is Open

Google the word ‘optimism’ and the first thing you see is the dictionary definition which reads ‘hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something’. It then goes on to give an example of a sentence to illustrate the meaning.  I should like to add a sentence of my own more accurately to […]