Leeds International Festival 2018 – Farewell Until Next Year

The second year of Leeds International Festival opened with a pink town hall and Vessels at Canal Mills and closed with a colourful party at Live Arts Bistro.

Vessels. Photograph by Mark Wheelwright

In just 15 days, 20,000 people attended at least one of the 50 Leeds International Festival events.  From talks to live performances, to catwalks and exhibitions, these events offered to service your interest in science, technology, fashion, music and sport.

Helen Sharman. Photograph by Mark Wheelwright.

Leeds Living asked Emma Streets to join Disconnect, at AQL – Salem Church, which explored just how addicted we are to tech and what our future dependency looks like.  Staying with the tech theme, Kate Ryrie attended the Empowering Women Conference, coming away from Leeds Dock with ‘a heart full of empowerment and a head full of connected ideas’.

The Fashion Space. Photograph by Ben Bentley.

Charles Eager, at Howard Assembly Room for Salome, was pleased to see this classic film again but as a musician, had strong opinions on the live score which accompanied the movie.  Stan Graham’s attendance at The Damned United generated memories of the drama which played out in the local football fraternity and beyond, in the brief days of the Brian Clough regime……and in complete contrast, a key word for the rich variety of the Festival events, Esther Marshall was let loose at the Fashion After Party at Studio 24.

The Festival ends with Juicebox at Live Arts Bistro. Photograph by Ben Bentley.

Andrew Cooper, the Festival’s Chair and Chief Executive of LeedsBID, which funds the Festival, is already celebrating.  He’s celebrating this year’s success and looking forward to LIF 2019.  He believes this is a festival destined to grow both in appeal and in scale, to continue to showcase the City’s creativity on an international level through what is already one of Leeds’ biggest events.



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