Cafe 164 Opens Another Branch

Headingley will be home to Cafe 164’s new branch from October this year. It is the third branch in the family – Ellie’s father opened Bakery 164 in 1994 and Ellie followed with the first Cafe 164 in 2011.

Their guiding principle is daily fresh breads, which make up their sandwiches.

Cafe 164 in Munro House was amongst those whose trade dramatically declined as a result of COVID-19 restrictions, given that City Centre workers were a significant contribution to their revenue. So Ellie decided to take her business to a location which suits the customers. The small outlet will be perfect for sitting in, or taking out a quick lunch.

Customers will have the added interest of watching the breads being made whilst they wait to be served.

Ellie Andrews, Cafe 164’s Founder and Owner:

“We are so excited about opening in Headingley, and joining the local community of businesses in the area.

We want to be at the heart of the community, offering great value, a place where you can go every day for your lunch or coffee, or to treat yourself to one of our cakes – even to grab some bread to make your own sandwiches. 

This is our way of navigating the business through the aftermath of COVID, so it can survive. By opening a shop in Headingley, we are able to open up our customer base whilst also servicing our existing customers working from home.

We are in serious survival mode, but we are doing it with smiles on our faces, positivity, and hope for the future.”

Keep greeting us with those smiles, Ellie!

Feature photograph by Ben Bentley.

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