Cat’s Pyjamas – A Tasty Saturday Night Treat

After 7 long months, last weekend I finally moved into my new house. Very exciting, but also a lot of boxes to sort and furniture to buy and build.

To kick things off, on Saturday I spent the whole day with my mum, and trusty driver, navigating the one way system around Leeds, looking for items to make the house a home. Whilst I was successful in finding most of the items I needed, including a great new armchair from Emmaus, it was a freezing cold day and so before long we were preoccupied trying to
think of ways to get warm. At the top of our list, was a curry. So, after finishing off the shopping for the day, and because we still can’t go out to eat owing to tier 3 restrictions, my mum and I decided to order a takeaway from the Cat’s Pyjamas in Headingley.

As per usual, I spent a good 10 minutes reading the menu, trying to decide what I fancied and what would warm me up the best. Eventually, mum and I opted to choose a few dishes to share. We ordered from Deliveroo, and whilst we waited, I set about unpacking more of my boxes and bags. However, I didn’t get far as the food arrived in less than 20 minutes.
From the tandoori starters menu, perhaps controversially, I ordered the Mumbai chicken liver tikka. Chicken livers would not normally be my first choice, but because I have been instructed to get more iron in my diet, and I am trying to find a way to actually enjoy liver, I figured the dish might be a good option. Thankfully, it was tasty. The livers themselves were cooked well – no rubberiness detected. And they were packed with flavour – well spiced, which helped to camouflage (some) of the strong taste of liver.

From the street bites menu, we ordered the samosa chaat, which is pastry layered with vegetables, spiced chickpeas and topped with yogurt, and chutneys. Although mum wasn’t sure what she was eating, we both enjoyed the dish. I particularly like the combination of spicy and sweet flavours. The curried chickpeas were incredible – I could have eaten a bowl of them by themselves!

From the curries section, as we both wanted something that we could dip our naan into, we opted for the butter chicken. The dish was creamy, rich and everything you could want from a Saturday night takeaway. The chicken itself was perfectly cooked, and unlike some curries that I have had in the past, the amount of chicken in the curry was generous. As no curry is complete without naan, at least in my opinion, and seeing as mum was
up in Yorkshire for only one day, we ordered the Yorkshire cheese naan. Mum loved trying something new, and whilst I really enjoyed it, I felt that it could have benefited from some more cheese as I missed that delicious cheesy melt as I pulled the bread apart to dip in the curry sauce.

Whilst I will always prefer eating in a restaurant, as I just think the food tastes better when it has literally just been cooked, and I love to chat with the waiters and chefs, our Saturday night takeaway was fab. Not only was the food delivered quickly and safely, but when it arrived it was still steaming hot and still well presented. My highlight was the samosa chaat, a dish that I am already looking forward to eating again. But mum and I both agreed that all the food was tasty, and we wouldn’t hesitate to
order a Saturday night takeaway from the Cat’s Pyjamas again.

Photographs kindly provided by Cat’s Pyjamas.

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