Deli 91 – Open in Farnley

Lockdown has at least generated renewed support for local businesses, and residents and people working in West Leeds can do so by shopping at Deli 91.

We sometimes forget when we’re rushing to and from work in the City or other towns that small, independent shops are right where we live, some of them selling only products made locally – and Deli 91 is no exception. Situation in The Beulah, a popular bistro, the deli has only been open for a matter of weeks and has been busy ever since.

At the top of Post Hill in Farnley, they provide the perfect stop off for walkers and cyclists looking for something to eat or perhaps a hot drink, and owner Nicola Tomlinson (pictured) thinks it’s more than the attraction of food or a beverage – it’s quickly established itself as a hub for people to say hello, albeit recognising social distancing.

Local makers and traders whose wares can be found at Deli 91 include: The Savvy Baker, Sweet Baby Cheezuscakes, Bapman and Hoggin’, Northern Monk and Sweet and Sour Bakehouse.

Nicola: “It’s never been more important to spend money with the amazing small businesses we have in our area, and anyone who comes to Deli 91 will be supporting various local businesses – us and our very talented selection of suppliers.”

Deli 91 sells a wide range of European inspired produce, such as cheese, cured meats, bread, cakes and more. The pièce de résistance is their Deli cones and sharing boxes: delicious charcuterie selections that aim to give customers a tasty meal with a difference. Trying something new gives a boost to mealtimes, especially when so many meals at home provide a challenge to variety!

Nicola: “Our ethos for Deli 91 is to be an ethical, hospitable, community led company and to also keep it local. Our hope is that we can build our own brand around the name whilst helping keep our local community unity alive.”

Why Deli 91? Well, there was once a prisoner of war camp at Post Hill, one of 1,026 in the UK, and this one was Camp 91. Those who were detailed there were allowed to work in the local community and surrounding farms. They had privileges, such as being allowed an evening stroll, extending to the Beulah, then a pub, where some of them met their British girlfriends. Naturally, after the war some of them decided to make Yorkshire their home and stay for the rest of their lives. So it’s hoped that Farnley folk can come of with stories from those early post-war days to share with the community.

Nicola’s purchase of the old building meant that it wouldn’t be demolished and replaced by a housing development. She had the notion of turning it into a tea room (an idea with her late mother in mind). It proved so popular that before the first year was up, Nicola added a bar, hence the Bistro. After that came Beulah Home and Interiors. There’s a separate entrance via the rear car park for Deli customers, so there are no concerns about muddy boots or social distancing.

Deli 91 is based at the Beulah, Tong Road, LS12 5EP. Opening hours are: Thursday and Friday: 10 am – 2 pm. Saturday and Sunday; 10 am – 4 pm

Adam Kershaw

Adam combines his interest in Leeds with a flair for writing discovered back in school days. He says he'll tackle any topic as long as it's Leeds.

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