Leeds Gin Fair – At The Corn Exchange on 13 April

Samantha Fish and Bruce Lerman, the pair behind Leeds Rum Festival, are introducing the brand new Leeds Gin Fair to the City for just one day on 13 April.

Samantha and Bruce have gained respect in the Leeds hospitality industry and the wider community, so their take on presenting an event on one of the most popular spirits in the UK is one to look forward to.  They will involve representatives from the major brands as well as those from independent and small gin businesses.  International speakers who are ambassadors for the spirit will also present a fascinating view of gin from different aspects.

“Gin is incredibly fashionable right now, but it is so much more than a fashion,” says Samantha.

“We want to take gin-lovers – and even gin-haters – back to its roots, take a look at its history, and share our knowledge of the spirit.”

“Leeds Gin Fair is no ordinary Gin event,” continues Sam. “We will be bringing in some of Leeds’ most respected bartenders and teaming them up with brands to create signature cocktail serves – all of which is part of the ticket price. No other spirit festivals are doing this – we’re sure that it will appeal to gin and cocktail-lovers alike.”

Whilst the 100 free samples of gin and gin cocktails are obviously enticing, Sam and Bruce are hoping that visitors will want to know precisely what they’re drinking and how to drink it, hence the free masterclasses and talks for all ticketholders.  They’ll also be able to enjoy the DJ and some food which complements the drinks.

“We’re pretty unique,” says Bruce. “We’re not out to make a fast buck and disappear; we love what we do, and we want to share the love with our home City.”

Leeds Rum Festival garnered love on social media for its hashtag ‘#notgin’ – so why Gin?

“That hashtag was never about being anti-gin,” Sam explains. “It was about bringing something new to the table and encouraging people to try the most diverse spirit in the world – rum. The Rum Festival isn’t going away – and neither is the hashtag we still love our original festival, but we also love gin.”

Latitude Wine & Liquor Merchant, another Leeds independent, will be on hand to sell gins for visitors to take home.

Sam concludes: If you like a regular gin and tonic, we’re not here to tell you that you’re wrong – we like it, too. But we are here to give you the chance to try different brands and flavours, without the commitment of your hard-earned cash and without worrying about not liking it.

Leeds Gin Fair is at Leeds Corn Exchange on Saturday 13th April  from 7pm to Midnight

Tickets are on sale now priced at £15 – all samples, masterclasses and talks are free to ticketholders.

Book online at https://www.ticketarena.co.uk/events/The-Leeds-Gin-Fa

All photographs by Anete Lusina Photography.

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