Baby Queen: Quarter Life Crisis Album out on 10 November

Charlotte Staunton Gill tells us what she thinks, ahead of Baby Queen at Leeds University Stylus on 11 November.

“I was crying at a party which is not unusual of me” is the iconic opening line to Baby Queen’s debut album ‘Quarter Life Crisis’. Released via Polydor Records, the eagerly awaited album consists of 12 tracks produced by King Ed. The album gives high energy mixed with whimsy sweet tones, to be listened to either at a house party with friends or tucked away in a cosy bedroom filled with fairy lights. It’s definitely a sound that the likes of Kesha, Charli XCX, Grimes etc have paved the way for the new generation of bedroom beats anti pop girlies, but Baby Queen has earned her crown with this record.

Baby Queen’s almost poetic lyrical flow lends itself so well to this style of music. The way the artist pairs the most dramatic lyrics with very short one toned bars, harmonising with electronic beats, gives this effect of chaos but also very chilled. Which when you think about the era of time this record is putting emphasis on (being in your late teens, early 20’s) it’s a really well thought out production. Dipping its toes into different genres and almost diving into pop – but not quite – is what makes Baby Queen’s sound unique.

You may recognise Baby Queen from Netflix’s LGBQTIA+ hit series “Heartstopper” soundtrack, and even appearing with her band at the school prom. Baby Queen credits the show for inspiring the single “All The Things” saying that it “draws inspiration from the relationship between two of the main characters in Heartstopper called Tao and Elle, but also encapsulates the emotions I was feeling very strongly at the time of writing it, so it’s a very personal song to me. It’s about being so enamoured with a person that the things that once brought you happiness don’t hit or affect you in quite the same way because all the things you used to want to do, you now want to do with that person by your side.”

From the surface, this collection of tracks feels like a very fun, messy, easy-going party album, but Baby Queen offers a lot of introspective lyrics, really exploring the ups and downs of being in your 20’s. Even by naming themselves Baby Queen is such a smart move in my eyes because it personifies how the opposites we experience as women in our 20’s of being so young whilst meant to have so much figured out. Elaborating on ‘Quarter Life Crisis’: “This album tells the story of my journey through my early 20s – leaving my childhood and my adolescence behind but never really losing my childlike wonder and never quite growing up. The songs are all facets of what early adulthood has been like for me while discovering new parts of myself, my sexuality, my past and my place in this world. It has been lonely, chaotic, beautiful, devastating and inspiring and I think these songs reflect that, creating a space in which innocence and experience can live side by side as two conflicting entities.”

 A track that I feel is a perfect example of the themes of the album is “Grow Up”. A line in particular is “I don’t eat grains, I never keep my bedroom clean” The singer is listing how in some ways she looks after herself as one should but in other ways still sabotages herself by being messy.

The success of Baby Queen and dedication from their fans is something that I expect to grow and grow. This year they will embark on a huge UK and US headline tour, and there are multiple formats to support this record, including limited edition delux CDs with artwork from Heartstopper’s creator Alice Oseman; and coloured Vinyl.

Myself and my friends who tried to catch Baby Queen at Leeds Festival this year will be heading to the headline Leeds show on Saturday 11th November at Leeds University Stylus and you best believe there will be a lot of dancing and even more glitter.

Remaining Tour Dates

Sun 5th Nov Newcastle University

Turs 7th Nov Glasgow St Luke’s Sold Out

Thurs 9th Nov Manchester Academy 2

Fri 10th Nov Liverpool O2 Academy 2 Sold Out

Sat 11th Nov Leeds University Stylus

Mon 13th Nov Nottingham Rescue Rooms

Tues 14th Nov Bristol Trinity Centre Sold Out

Weds 15th Nov London O2 Forum Kentish Town

Photography by Nicole Ngai.

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