DMA’s Live at Brixton LP

On the 6th March 2020, the DMA’s smashed their biggest UK show to date at Brixton Academy, immediately hailed as one of the highlights of the band’s career, half a planet away from home and filled with 5 thousand passionate fans. And now you can relive the night with the band’s Live at Brixton LP. 

Brixton Academy is an institution of live music, a rite of passage to the big leagues. Seeing a gig there feels like a pilgrimage, the bustling underground station filled with music lovers, every pub on the way there packed out with people getting pre-gig pints in, and then to finally turn the corner and see the iconic building in its green light glory. Having your band’s name on the sign under the grand dome is a big deal, and a feeling that I’m sure DMA’s have yearned for after their first ever show in the UK “was the opening slot at Brixton Academy”. T

The band exclaimed that “this is totally emblematic of the support that has grown overseas and we are ever grateful for it”. Boasting an impressive 17 track set list, with fan favourites such as The Glow and Silver, the band keep the high energy from the opening track of Feels like 37 all the way through to Your Low.

Hearing a live LP during Covid times feels like listening to a language you were once fluent in. You can feel the atmosphere of the crowd rush back to you,  hear the passion in DMA’s frontman vocals and almost smell the flares being set off in the middle of the piles of teenagers on each other’s shoulders. Releasing the Live at Brixton LP almost one year to the day gives us hope of what the future holds and nostalgic feels of what we had.

“Despite their catalogue of hits often striking a melancholic vibe, their expansion into a six piece for their live performance is emphatic and triumphant” says GIGWISE. The DMA’s made sure this performance was one for the ages and the love flowing from their audience has opened even bigger doors to even bigger stages. Hoping to grace the stages of the UK again the band have announced huge shows including Leeds Millennium Square, Liverpool M&S Bank Arena and the holy iconic Alexandra Palace, London. 

The band and everyone involved in the making of the DMA’s Live at Brixton LP (Available 5th March through Infectious Music) should be so proud. It’s a beautiful homage to the live music industry, showing how important live shows are.

You can grab the LP on special limited edition double 12” vinyl and watch the show on their YouTube channel.

Photograph provided by Ian Cheek Press.

Charlotte Staunton Gill

Charlotte writes on a wide range of music genres. She has experience of artist development, having built on her knowledge and expanded her industry connections at Universal Music Group.

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