DMA’S ‘The Glow’ – Not Afraid to Experiment

DMA’S are back, filling our front rooms,headphones and lives with their huge singalong anthems. The Glow, to be released on 10 July, is the newest album bestowed upon us from these much loved indie favourites. 

The band has had quite the process in creating this arena-worthy album, working with the Grammy-winning producer Stuart Price. Tommy O’Dell summed the piece up perfectly with “This record is the one we were ready to make, and the one that we needed to make.” A statement I am certain fans of the band will agree with.  

What’s special about this highly anticipated album is it has the quality to be played anywhere. It is such a versatile body of music – and it perfectly reflects the journey the band went on to create it. From growing up in Australia to discovering the city streets of Edinburgh, there’s a whole passport of music influences that the band has sewn well into their ever developing sound.

Upbeat tracks such as “Life Is A Game Of Changing”, which mentally transports you to an indie club night,  sharing the same space as “Silver”, an acoustic guitar lead number that packs an emotional punch with its soft tones, only strengthens the bands phrase of “Frankensteining”. The DMA’S have their signature sound but they’ve enhanced it and distorted it to create a bigger, heightened version. The introduction of more electronic sounds brings something new to the table. Tommy O’Dell described the process as “exciting and interesting to delve in those different aspects of production.” 

Overcoming obstacles of being a DIY band is something The DMA’S are masters of, reminiscing on how they would use old school tricks of putting “a mattress up against a wall to dampen the reverb in the room and block out the sound of traffic”.They’ve done the small venue right of passage and in 2016 released their debut Hills End. It’s brilliant to see the progression of the band and see how far they have come since their debut, selling out the likes of O2 Academy Brixton and Manchester’s Castlefield Bowl – the band are just going up and up. They have even confirmed a show at the iconic Alexandra Palace. 

Listening to The Glow has been a pleasure and I found myself playing the album on repeat as soon as it finished. My mind instantly drew up a list of people I know will love this and all the places I can’t wait to hear it played. I think it’s really refreshing to see bands being experimental with their sounds and not being afraid to show things from other members’ perspectives.

A quote by Johnny that I found very profound was “A lot of people fear change, but like adrenaline, if you use it in the right way it can definitely be a positive. 

Visit DMA’S official website here.

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