Georgi’s Lovely Little Phrase – Potent Lyrics, Delicately Delivered

“Keep your chin up” is a phrase we have all heard recently, and to be honest all needed to hear. Which is why the latest release “Lovely Little Phrase” from singer/ songwriter Georgi, will be so welcomed during a pretty bleak time.

Georgi’s vocals may be delicate and ethereal but the lyrics from “Lovely Little Phrase” are bold and potent. They hit you with nostalgia, echoing phrases used often by northern parents. A line I found particularly enjoyable, perhaps witty, declares “the grass on the other side; well, it’s seen better days”. Lovely Little Phrase is the comforting pep talk you give yourself when the world seems melancholy – it’s going through the motions of being in between teen and young adult. It’s reminiscent of the likes of Arctic Monkeys Riot Van and Marina’s Robot. The clever use of whistling so upbeat with the sombre guitar gives the listener that emotional juxtapose that captures the feeling of love and loss and a turbulent age.

Looking at the technicals of the song, it’s hard to not praise Georgi’s ability to work effortlessly with a DIY style which has been highly praised on previous releases. Noted for channelling the likes of Kate Nash and even having “the vibe of a northern Lily Allen.” Georgi’s skills started in the four walls of her bedroom, and have no doubt been strengthened by her place at Leeds College of Music, where she studies songwriting.

She is known as a “Jack of all trades’ – from writing, recording and mixing all her tracks. This transparency of the creation of her music has earned her that relatability that many artists wish for. It’s apparent on her social media pages that her listeners care about the process as well as the final product.

Besides reminding us all to keep our heads up with “Lovely Little Phrase”, Georgi has been busy with her involvement with Barnsley Live, providing a cover of “Somewhere over the rainbow” and original song, “Bored” to feature on the Festival’s charity album to help raise funds for the NHS.

Lovely Little Phrase is out on 22 July.

You can watch Georgi here and find out more about her on Facebook.

Photograph by Jakub Kumanski.

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