Newton Faulkner – Character, Connection and Charisma

It was a very different kind of gig, having everyone seated at The Wardrobe on 30 May, but it came with some great advantages for singer/songwriter Newton Faulkner and his fans.

As the photographer there for Leeds Living, I was unexpectedly asked to write some words, and the difference between a pre-COVID gig and this one was the way it somehow made it more personal. All the fans were just as responsive, perhaps more so, because the rapport was made more intimate. Newton’s chilled vibe and laid back sense of humour were entertainment in themselves, and the audience appreciated every quip, every word and every note.

Newton arrived on stage wearing a yellow, shades of hazmat style coverall and a black mask, which immediately set the tone for the rest of the evening. (He took it off as soon as he sat down, by the way.) Each song was prefixed by a joke – that he hadn’t played in a while! Could he remember the lyrics? Can I do this? The charm and the banter are a great mix for this acoustic guitar virtuoso with the captivating voice. Those who witnessed this on Sunday night were privileged.

It’s hard to believe that it’s thirteen years since he stood in a lift, brilliantly playing and singing Teardrop. I guess you could say that Newton Faulkner’s style and delivery is timeless.

The intro of ‘Together’ resonated with me as something The Showhawk Duo would create, that is two acoustic guitarists layering percussive brilliance between them.  Yet Newton somehow creates the most trilled-out detailed percussion all on his own – it’s stunning, what this guy can play live.  His vocals through this number are uplifting, tempered with a relaxed feel that seems to wash those worries away.  Newton Faulkner – a true writer, a true entertainer, a flawless performer.

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