Say She She: the Medicine We Didn’t Know We Needed

Say She She have it all. The female-led band’s voices harmonise and interweave like a bed of well tended flowers, exuding undeniable charm on any stage, and are well on their way to bringing soul back to mainstream.

The dazzling ladies took the Leeds stage at Project House on 12 March to perform their beloved discodelic soul sound: a genre we didn’t know we’ve been so badly missing. Named by the BBC as one of their 6 Music Artists of the Year, the trio’s ballooning demand while on their Silver tour warranted a venue upgrade to the Project House, which they quickly sold out again.


All kinds of people were gathered: the room was filled to the brim with those of all ages and genders, and there was no stand-out demographic of those who came to enjoy Say She She’s wondrous performance – only people who simply wanted to groove.

The night was opened with gentle-voiced singer Tonia, soothing listeners’ brainwaves and easing them into the mood. She graced the stage in a tiered dress, warming the room with an emotive performance under gold light. She handled her words with pure grace and vulnerability, with a voice and music that would be the perfect backtrack to fall in love to.

Then it was time for the hotly anticipated Say She She to claim our attention – and almost immediately we were absorbed in their wonderful world of music.

The ladies made their way in front of the beaming Leeds crowd with a glowing charisma that can’t be manufactured as they jumped in with “Reeling”. The vibrant song was followed by “C’est si bon”, which introduces the band’s name as a homophone in French in its lyrics “C’est chi-chi” – “It’s chic”. It’s a nice nod to their inspirations, and the feel-good vibe they’re bringing back to life. It’s no wonder the ladies have become so popular – Now, more than ever, people just want an excuse to let loose and dance.

The sweet synths during “Fortune Teller” wrapped around their vocals, but never dared to overpower them. Piya, Sabrina and Nya swayed in their multicoloured silhouettes, backed by a band and the occasional tap of the tambourine.

Their voices are dynamic; sometimes like gentle whispers, sometimes like extraterrestrial howls – but always perfect for the moment.

These women sing to the crowd like they’re sharing a story. It’s a testament to their passion when the artist truly looks like they want to be performing – and as long as Say She She are on stage, it feels like everything’s gonna be all right.

All photography by Maddie Armstrong.

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